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Safety always comes first!

At CrossFit Invalesco, overall health and wellness is always the number one concern. Any sport or exercise program can be dangerous if not done correctly. What is the point in starting a new program if injury will just set you back? We ensure injury is not a cause for concern before we start to push you to your limits.

How do we ensure that?

We require all new members to complete a 2 week beginner’s class to ensure proper movement form. During this program, you are taught our warm-up, cool-down, and mobility techniques that will keep you preforming at the highest level possible.

Our coaches are highly trained and have spent numerous hours interning and learning the proper way to move. Continuing education and certifications are required to keep every coach on top of the learning curve.

Our programming produces maximum results.

Our programming is carefully planned with a specific goal in mind for each day, week, and month. We thrive to make everyone who walks through our doors stronger, faster, and more confident in accomplishing things they never thought they could. Wondering if we can help you reach your goal? The answer is YES. Ask us how!

Doesn’t every CrossFit gym program like that?

Unfortunately, no. CrossFit Inc. has taught every CrossFit Level 1 trainer that in order to see results, workouts must be constantly varied. Despite what many of these trainers may believe, this does not mean that being random with workouts will show results.

Our community is always encouraging and supportive.

We’ve built a welcoming, encouraging, loving community of all different types of people. Regardless of your level of fitness, how you look, how old you are, how much you can or can’t lift, you will feel completely welcomed by everyone.

There are no judgments made by anyone at CrossFit Invalesco. There is only a mutual respect for, and from, everyone who makes it through a workout with you. No matter what your level of fitness may be, you will inspire people by giving every workout your all.